Mariana Cruz-Mireles


Mariana Mireles was born and raised in Fort Worth. She became interested in real estate while working as a police dispatcher. As a real estate agent Mariana saw the opportunity to help people and how every day can be different and some days even challenging. She could use her experience as a dispatcher to help her in real estate transactions to act fast and with problem solving. She loves to help people find homes and answer questions. Fun fact: She also used SuKaza Realty to sell her house and remembers how many questions she had and how her agent was able to clarify everything she needed and she wants to do the same for her clients. She is a new agent who will be working full time to give her clients her full attention. Mariana is bilingual in both Spanish and English. She is also a part of The Greater Fort Worth Association.

In her free time she usually spends quality time with her fiancé and their two dogs. They enjoy going to parks, hanging out with friends and trying new restaurants!